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UroFizz is a natural-product combination for enhancing urinary tract health in women*. UroFizz contains a propriety anti-inflammatory phytochemical ursolic acid along with the time-tested, Infection-preventing combination of a very special cranberry extract with D-mannose.

Recommended Use

To support unitary tract health in women.

Product Features

 UroFizz contains Ursolia® (salvia officinalis extract) + Exocyan® cranberry extract + D-mannose, which together make a perfect combination & synergistically complement each other’s roles in supporting a healthy urinary tract with less  infection & Inflammation*.
 Ursolia® is a propriety extract from Spain, derived from the aerial parts of the sage leaf (salvia officinalis), with a high content of ursolic acid. Ursolic acid is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent*.
 Ursolia® is the only salvia officinalis extract which is safe for use even during pregnancy*.
 Exocyan® is a propriety cranberry (vaccinium macrocarpon) extract from France with high A-type proanthocyanadins (PAC) content. A-type PACs are the active phytochemicals which help decrease the ability of bacteria from attaching to the urinary tract walls*.
 UroFizz is the only product containing cranberry extract with 50% proanthocyanadins.
 It helps to counter infections caused by e. coli p-fimbriae, klebsiella, Pseudomonas and staphylococcus*.
 Ursolic acid and its metabolites are the main compounds responsible for reduction of inflammatory symptoms in urinary infections caused by e. coli, p-fimbriae*.
 D-mannose is a naturally occurring simple sugar closely related to glucose, which sticks to e. coli & acts as a decoy agent*.


 Helps reduce the discomfort and pain caused by recurrent infections*.
 Helps curb recurrent UTI in susceptible patients*.
 It is a completely natural product.

 UroFizz has no side effects (which are commonly seen with antibiotics)*.


Each effervescent tablet contains:
 Ursolia® salvia officinalis extract                                                    : 100 mg

Exocyan® cranberry extract with (50% proanthocyanidins)         :   72 mg

D-mannose                                                                                         : 140 mg
Color                                                                                                    : Red (from beet)
Flavor                                                                                                   : Strawberry 



One tablet twice a day or as recommended by your health care practitioner.

* This statement has not been evaluated by FDA. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Connie Thoma

Incredible product changed my life