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About us

Our Mission

BioAdvantex Pharma develops nutritional solutions and supports research for the role of nutrition in maintaining a quality and healthy life. Recognizing the compelling data that exists for nutritional supplementation, BioAdvantex Pharma created a product line that helps support a healthy life.* Our credo is to provide helpful, healthful information and offer high quality products, while encouraging an open dialogue between the consumer and their healthcare providers.

BioAdvantex Pharma focuses on two basic lines of complementary nutritional supplements: products that support prostate and urinary health and that promote general health and wellness.*

Products like our GMP certified PharmaNAC tablets create immeasureable health benefits. It supports  lung health,  immune health.* 

The BioAdvantex team works with extraordinary dedication to raise awareness in the community about the importance of nutrition in maintaining optimum health.*

Our goal is to provide education, for both the customer and healthcare providers, innovation in product formulation and superior quality control.


BioAdvantex Pharma Inc is a prominent nutraceutical company that supports research for the role of nutrition in maintaining a quality and healthy life. Since it's establishment in 1996, BioAdvantex, along with the guidance of reputable healthcare professionals, certified nutritional specialists and researchers, began its mission of developing safe, effective, high quality, and well-researched nutritional supplements through science.

Initial product development focused on creating a line of vitamin and mineral supplements specifically formulated to help support prostate health in men.* This development led to the creation of the ProVantex™ line. SILEXIN® and URIXIN® were the first products developed under the ProVantex line and were instantly embraced by many top Urologists, Practitioners and Nutritionists throughout Canada and the United States to support prostate and urinary health.* The ProVantex line was later strengthened by the release of RELEXIN™ in October of 2005. RELEXIN was the third addition to the ProVantex line, making it the most complete and comprehensive dietary supplement line available for prostate and urinary health.* Like all ProVantex products, RELEXIN's formulation was developed out of the latest scientific research and based on clinically recommended, substantiated servings.

In addition to developing comprehensive formulations designed for optimal prostate health, BioAdvantex has also been committed to raising awareness on the importance of proactively supporting prostate health. BioAdvantex Pharma is actively involved in the prostate health community by assisting and educating prostate support groups, participating in conventions regarding prostate health and awareness, and advocating the education of complimentary nutritional methods to strengthen and maintain the body's natural preventative and healing capabilities.